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Saturday, February 4, 2012

4th February 2012 

As the dragon year goes by, things seemed to be going pretty smoothly these days. I have just ended my internship with Hsbc on the 31st Jan, which was also my 21st birthday.

So on the 31st January 2012, it was:
- my last day in Hsbc &
- my 21st birthday.

I guess I can consider this 21st birthday as one of the most awesomest birthday ever. Well no, I didn't go to the club to celebrate it neither did I throw a huge party to celebrate my birthday. It was a simple celebration that I had and one thing that I really felt was, I felt so loved by people around me and that's what made my 21st so awesome. =)

So how did I my day go by?

I had lunch with the Control Team on my last day at Speak & Easy. Food there was great but it comes with the price and did I mention that the place was classy? Lolx. It's a nice place to dine in especially on a date, the environment is just there! *wink*

Speak & Easy with GMO, Control. 

Then they got me a cake from Secret Recipe. I'm not very sure how they found out that I was allergy to chocolate, they got me this lovely blueberry cheese cake. Imagine having the whole Treasury team singing Happy Birthday song to you. I felt so touched and I was so speechless. I'm not even a staff there, I'm just an intern and I got all these. I really felt something that day. 

And it didn't end with the cake, I even received presents. I really don't know how to describe my feelings at that particular moment. I was very happy, touched, I felt their sincerity, and all that made saying goodbye to them at the end of the day very tough. 

It was a tough goodbye to bid to all my fellow Hsbc colleagues. I think I poured into tears at least 5 times when bidding them goodbye. Saying goodbye to the Control Team was the hardest, I teared practically to each of them when saying goodbye. It was a tough goodbye but life has to go on. 

Blueberry Cheese Cake. 

Lovely Presents *hearts*

Then I had a simple dinner with my parents. We headed to Pizza Hut for the Tempura Feisty Set. It was a simple dinner but I was more than contented. The food was good and the company (mum & dad) was good. Hearts you both! My parents got me this gold necklace, key shape for my 21st birthday. I guess its the key to freedom. So no more treating me like a kid anymore yea? I'm officially a young adult now. =D

Tempura Pizza! Ahh, godly man!! 

My all time favourite Pandan Cake. =) 

Not only that, I got a new gadget to play this year. My lovely friends got me an iPod Touch. I felt something again this time. I don't know how to describe it and I was lost for words when I found out. I don't know what to say, all I can say is a big "Thank You" and I love the present to the max. I love you guys loads. Really. =)

iPod Touch *heartssss* 

I've been doing a lot of catching up with my friends lately and I have a feeling that things are just going to turn out better and more better. Have a lil small gathering on Monday, I'm looking forward for it then I'm going to go to New Delhi, India on Parlo Tours with my family on the 8th Feb till 18th Feb. I have to admit, this semester break is a blast.

Till then.


10:34 AM

Saturday, January 28, 2012

28th January 2012 

This post is going to be about Coffee Bean! =) 

I'm never a fan of coffee. In fact, I don't take drinks such as milo, coffee, tea, horlicks, nescafe etc. But there's always an exception. So, on a friday afternoon during work, after lunch, me and my colleagues decided to have a dose of coffee. One good thing about working in HSBC is that they have Coffee Bean downstairs at the lobby. So whenever you're sleepy or need a dose of good coffee or wanna grab a quick bite, Coffee Bean would always be the first resort. XD

I had the Original Vanilla Ice Blended that day. It was awesome! Straight to heaven. I wanted the White Chocolate Ice Blended, but they ran out of that. It started with me and my cravings for a drink at coffee bean, then I drag Alex, Pasvin and Lisha along, then Kak Mimi and Yuva also decided to get a dose of it. Lolx.

Original Vanilla Ice Blended without whip cream 

Original Vanilla & Hazelnut Ice Blended

Coffee Bean Session!!! =D 

Friday was a good day. I had Aluphrata for lunch, Coffee Bean for tea break & Ikea's Whole Spring Chicken for dinner. Nom Nom Nom.

Another fruitful day. Well, till then.


8:54 AM

Friday, January 27, 2012

28th January 2012 

As mentioned from the previous post, my Reunion Dinner on Cny's eve was a blast. Enjoyed 100% of it. Though not everyone was present for dinner, it was still a great dinner, a great day and a great way to start the year of the dragon.

Allow me to entertain you. =D

Yee Sang. It's a MUST have dish for Cny. =) 

Lacoste Milon.

Patin Fish. The fish flesh was so smooth and the gravy was awesome! 

Sharkfin's with Crabmeat Soup. Its sinful but godly! All the way to heaven man! 

Hainanese Ipoh Chicken. You're suppose to dip the chicken in its sauce then dip with the ginger. Not really to my liking though. *hates ginger*

Sesame Pork Ribs. All the way to heaven again! Nom Nom Nom!!! 

Sweet Sour Prawns. This was decent but the awesomeness would have tripled if it was butter prawns. Lolx! 

Mushroom & Fuchok. The mushrooms were GIANTS man! Damn juicy! One bite and all the juice start squeezing out. Yummm! 

Wrapped Glutinous Rice with fillings. Not really to my liking but its decent though. 

Longan & Sea Coconut! Yum!!! =D 

So where did we had our reunion dinner? We went over to Puchong at Cheong Wah Seafood Restaurant. The place was super pack. We had to do early reservation to get a table. The above was our  10 dish meal for Cny. The only drawback about the dinner was that the waiters weren't that efficient coz there were so many people and they were so busy. Other than that, it was a great night with great food and great catching up session. =)

Cheong Wah Seafood Restaurant. 

Us.. *Hearts* 

Dad & Me & Mum 

Me and my god family. *Hearts* 

Yours truly 

So how was your reunion dinner? Great I hope. Till then. 


11:58 PM

Saturday, January 21, 2012

22 January 2012 

Its 22nd January 2012 today. Its Cny eve. Tomorrow will be the first day of Chinese New Year. =)

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Chai! Kong Hei Fatt Choy! to all my dear family and friends. Have a great dragon year ahead! 

My colleagues in Hsbc are really thoughtful. They got me this really cute card for Cny. I'm really gonna miss Hsbc a lot after my internship especially the Control and Compliance team and all my friends there. 5 more working days there. I'll treasure every bit of my remaining time there. =)

The Cny card they got me. *hearts* 

I'm looking forward for this Cny. My new year didn't start off well. Didn't get to watch the fireworks like every other years. *I love the fireworks* Didn't really celebrate the coming of the new year. Had to send sis off back to the UK. Felt like I didn't spend much time with her. Had to overcome some bombing bad news and etc. So in short, my new year wasn't great. 

Hopefully the coming of the Chinese New Year would be much better. I'm looking forward for a great dragon year ahead and it shall start with the Reunion Dinner tonight. =) 

Happy Chinese New Year folks. Till then. 


11:07 PM

Thursday, December 22, 2011

22nd December 2011

As time pass by, I'm beginning to enjoy my internship with HSBC. I feel like I'm slowly blending in with the rest in the family. Well, I won't say that I'm close to everyone in the department but am getting to know the people there better and I have to admit that some of my colleague are really funny and playful. Lolx.

Like people always say, it doesn't have to be the whole world to make you feel like a part of something but those few who makes you feel special and worthwhile that matters. 

As mentioned in the previous post, I'm definitely getting more busy these days in office. But its better than having nothing to do. =)

The downside of having Secret Recipe near my office..... CAKES CRAVINGS!! 

Decided that I needed to indulge myself in some heaven's food. =D So went over to the Central Market and got a slice of cake, what cake did I go for?

White Chocolate Macadamia! 

First time trying this and guess what.... Eat this and its like all the way to heaven. Lolx! Love the white chocolate, the soft sponge cake and crunchy macadamia. Totally for people who's allergic to chocolate and needs an alternative. =D Downside, it may be a bit too sweet for those without a sweet tooth. For me, its perfectly fine. =D 

Alright, gtg now. Till then. 


7:16 AM

Thursday, December 15, 2011

15th December 2011

Today is another great day. I'm getting more work to do in the office which is a good thing because it simply means I'm learning more. Totally in line with my aim of learning and getting more experience in the banking industry during this internship. =)

However, the highlight today is not about my job scope. It's about Chicken Cordon Bleu. *self giggle* The assistant manager of my department a.k.a my 2nd boss brought the senior intern and me today out for lunch. So yeah! Free lunch again. Hehe.

We had Secret Recipe for lunch and I ordered the Chicken Cordon Bleu. I actually wanted to have some cakes for lunch but thought that it wouldn't be very appropriate especially when you're eating with your boss and your boss is treating you.

Secret Recipe's Chicken Cordon Bleu

I wouldn't say its fantastic but it's decent. I've been craving for Western Food. Ever since I started my internship, I haven't been eating western food at all. This meal did satisfy my craving for western food. Thank you 2nd boss. =) 

However, if you're really looking for an awesome Chicken Cordon Bleu, I would suggest the one in Souled Out. Totally mouth watering and is one of the best I have ever tried. 

Souled Out's Chicken Cordon Bleu 

This is one meal that I never regretted having. Though its more pricy that the one in Secret Recipe, it definitely gives a higher satisfaction and is worth every penny. *Hint: Someone please bring me to Souled Out*

I think starting next week onwards I'm going to be more busy in office. My boss mentioned that they're gonna give me a project to handle next week. I'm so curious to know what is it, he didn't elaborate much. Anyway, wish me luck. 

Till then. 


7:12 AM

Saturday, December 10, 2011

10th December 2011

This entry is mainly on my first two weeks of internship experience with HSBC.

There's 2 things that I have got in mind to comment about the beginning of my internship experience.

No. 1: The People

I think the people there are pretty friendly. Well, not everyone but most of them I guess. My manager is really pretty but she always seems so busy. I don't talk to her much except for the daily Good Morning and Goodbyes. She doesn't give me work also. I guess she just have too much work herself. My assistant manager is a really nice guy. He's the one that has been giving me works to do and telling me who I should attached to and getting my desktop and all start up.

Then there's this girl who is really friendly. She made me feel very much in the family and keep me company at times, bringing me go jalan jalan around to see the KL Streets, inviting me for Lunch and Breakfast with her. She's a really nice girl. I like her quite a lot. And one thing, the way she talks is seriously cute. Her expression is super cute. *I'm straight*

Then there's this another girl who is really helpful. She's also an intern like me but she's been with the company much earlier, 4 months ago. She practically took over the job of one of the staff in the department who went for maternity leave and starting much earlier than me, she knows quite a number of stuffs. She is the one who has been teaching me most of the stuffs that she learnt. She's a very helpful and nice girl. Thank god she was there, if not I'll be totally lost in learning how to use all those complicated system employed.

Then there's also this guy who I met in the same department but different section (I'm in Treasury Control/Compliance, he's in the Treasury Processing which are both under the Global Markets division) who's in the same Monash University like me! Yay! So at least there's some common topic that we can chat about sometimes. He's quite a chatty and nice person.

Those are the few that I would like to highlight. As for the rest, I still need more time to get to know them. =)

No. 2: The Eating Spree

Ever since I started my internship with HSBC, I think I have been spending very minimal on food. 
Oh oh! And one of the best thing that I like about HSBC is that they have this thing called the Trolley Hour. 

So what is this Trolley Hour about? It comes twice everyday without fail. Once in the morning around 10am and another time in the afternoon around 3pm. Basically Trolley Hour is this Kakak coming to every department on every floor with this trolley full of yummy food! So if you're hungry before or after lunch time, just wait for the Trolley Hour and buy some awesome snacks from this Kakak. They basically have things such as egg sandwich bread, currypuff, nasi lemak, mee goreng, teh tarik, coffee, kuih muih, fried fish balls, fried crab meats etc etc etc! And having a hungry ghost in my stomach, I feel very excited when it comes to Trolley Hours. Hehe!

Back to the issue why I said I spent really minimal on food. Let me entertain you with my eating spree.

1st day: Had RM5 very tasty Nasi Briyani with chicken. My colleague brought me out. =)

2nd day: Free lunch at Old Town because my manager brought me out and treat me. =)

3rd day: RM10 Burger King. They have this new Fish burger in BK. But I still prefer McDonalds Fillet O Fish.

4th day: We had a buffet party in our department. Remember earlier I mentioned one of the staff in my department went for maternity leave? She treated the whole department with an awesome lunch, thus the free lunch again.

5th day: Tried the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice for RM5. Awesome meal.

6th day: Had Nasi Lemak and of the guy in the department paid it for me so thus the free lunch again. XD

7th day: For breakfast, they were having this Christmas Breakfast Celebration in the Cafe. So yeah, my colleague asked me to join them for breakfast. Awesome food they served such as cakes, sausage puffs, cream puffs, ham croissant etc! For lunch, my mum came down to my area to lunch with me. Went to one of the Chinese Stall which sells really good Hokkien Mee, Glass Noodles, Ying Yong etc and had Tau Fu Fah for dessert. Mum paid so free lunch again!! Lolx!

Oh, and another thing I have to comment is that the guys in my department are really gentleman. Why is that so? Because for all the times I went to get food for Trolley Hour, the guys paid! The first time I went out, one of the guy said he'll paid for everyone who's there. Feeling kinda shy, I didn't buy anything. The second time, I took the fried fish balls and 5 crab sticks, when I wanted to pay, one of the guy was like telling the Kak, it's okla Kak, I bayar untuk mereka (referring to me and the senior intern) before we could even pay the Kakak. The third time, same thing, another guy paid again. O.o

Then on Friday, the assistant manager bought Kuih for all of us in the department. Feeling shy again, I said it's ok the first time they offered me. Then the second time, my colleague brought the food right in front of my face to try it. So I did tried it and yum!!! =D

I think with all the free food going around, I'm going to be fat after my internship. T.T

This post is getting too long. Shall stop here. Till then.



12:03 AM


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